The Effect of Different Doses of Dexamethasone on The Hepatic Tissue of Pregnant Swiss Albino Mice Mus Masculus




Dexamethasone, Liver, pregnant Albino Mice Embryos


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The aim of the study is to see how Dexamethasone affects the liver of pregnant Swiss albino mice at various stages of development. The study included Fifty-four pregnant female mice that divided into three cohorts at random. There are 18 pregnant mice in each group. Each member was injected with different doses of Dexamethasone into a specific tail vein at different times. The control group, on the other hand, received standard saline injections. The mice were then killed at days 13, 15 and 17.  And the results illustrated that when different dosages of Dexamethasone were used at different periods, the results demonstrated a negative effect on the liver of pregnant mice. These effects were stronger as the number and concentration of medication doses increased. Dexamethasone produces morphological abnormalities in the liver such as necrosis, vascular congestion, binucleated cells, and microabscesses involving hepatocytes and inflammatory cells. In conclusion, the use of Dexamethasone shows different changes in the liver tissue, including necrosis, Binucleated cells, vascular congestion and micro abscess when it was used for a long-term exposure or by repeating doses.


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