Advertising Policy

Advances in Clinical Medical Research (ACMR) accepts advertising support for its print and online publications and maintains editorial integrity through the policy that defines the Editorial and Advertiser relationship:
  • The editorial decisions are not influenced by print and online advertising. The decision to publish a manuscript is not dependent upon any monetary or commercial interest.
  • ACMR reserves the right to refuse any advertising 
  • ACMR’s Editor-in-Chief has the authority to approve print and online advertisements and to enforce the advertising policy
  • Print advertisements are interspersed throughout the journal but do not interrupt the flow of any article.
  • The online ads are displayed on the journal’s website that may contain online top and/or sidebar banners
  • To avoid implied endorsement by the journal, the article, or the authors of the article, advertisements are not adjacent to articles addressing the product or its disease state
  • The Publisher reserves the right to print the word “Advertisement” on any advertisement where it may not be clear, so that readers can distinguish readily between advertising and editorial work
It is the responsibility of the advertiser and its agencies to adhere to appropriate legal requirements and regulations (for example, FDA regulations regarding advertising and promotion).