Changing Trends in the Pattern of Eye Diseases in Persons Living with Diabetes Mellitus

Data from a Tertiary Health Facility, South East - Nigeria


  • Marcellinus Okafor Nkpozi Department of Surgery, Ophthalmology Unit, Abia State University Teaching Hospital, ABSUTH, Aba, Nigeria
  • Nkpozi MO Department of Internal Medicine, Abia State University Teaching Hospital, ABSUTH, Aba, Nigeria
  • Eweputanna LI Department of Radiology, ABSUTH, Aba, Nigeria
  • Mba IO Department of Internal Medicine, Bingham University/Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Plateau State



Burden, Diabetes Eye Diseases, Patterns, Southeast Nigeria, Trends


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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with eye diseases such that the diabetic patients may even first present to the ophthalmologist where the diagnosis of DM is made. The trends in the pattern of eye diseases in diabetic patients are becoming worrisome and most of the complications in the eyes may progress to visual loss and blindness. The burden and pattern of eye diseases in persons living with diabetes in the city of Aba, South East Nigeria had to, therefore, be revisited. This was a 2-year prospective study in which all diabetic patients referred to or presenting with eye complaints at the Ophthalmology clinic of Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba, Nigeria between June 2021 and December 2022 were consecutively recruited into the study. History and examination of the patients were done by optometrists and ophthalmologists. Relevant data were obtained and analyzed using SPSS version 23.0 and p<0.05 was considered statistically significant. Subjects recruited into the study were 134; 65 (48.5%) males and 69 (51.5%) females. Diabetic ocular complications were more in the middle aged and these included heterochromia (58%) in the right eye, cataract (53.7%) in the left eye, glaucoma (44.8%) and diabetic retinopathy (10.4%). Iris lesions (heterochromia and rubeosis iris) were predominant in 115 (85.8%) of the right eye while cataract was predominantly noted in 75 (55.9%) of the left eye. About a third of the subjects were blind and the posterior segments of both eyes were rarely affected by diabetes mellitus. Ocular complications of DM constitute a major threat to vision in persons living with diabetes in the city of Aba, Southeast Nigeria. Early diagnosis, prompt treatment and preventive measures should be emphasized involving all the stakeholders.


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